Staging pertains to the construction of an actual raised Stage/Platform for a Live Performance, whether for Live Music Concert, Corporate Presentation, or Theatrical Stage Play. If your venue already has a stage, great - then address your Audio and Lighting needs with us. If your venue does not have a Stage.. no problem - We will build a Stage of size and height to accommodate your needs. We also "dress" our Staging with "skirts". When applicable, we provide all necessary steps and/or railings for safety. Safe, sturdy, attractive, professional. That's Section One Audio Visual.

Get ON your Pedestal!

Presenters and emcees need to be on a pedestal, so they can be seen by the audience. Theatrical Shows and Live Music Concert Performances also have to be on a Stage so that they can be clearly seen by everyone in the audience. Various heights and sizes are available, along with steps and railings when applicable.

Don't overlook Audio and Lighting...

A Stage needs Audio and Lighting like a cake needs icing - It is a critical ingredient that goes along with it, and it is incomplete and nothing without it. Please see our Audio and Lighting pages, as we will provide full support for those items as well. Please visit our Audio page as well as our Lighting page for complete Audio and Lighting Systems