Power - electricity..Thomas Edison - is a critical, and often overlooked, ingredient for a Special Event. The more elaborate an Event gets, the more power that it is going to require to drive the associated Audio Visual equipment. Many individuals and companies "just plug it in to the wall" and expect that everything is going to work. As a result, there can be (and often are) losses of power at an Event, and if the power goes down, so does your Event.

Don't Let Your Event get Lost in the Dark...

During our Audio Visual Event Technology Design, we carefully calculate how much electricity is going to be required to operate the equipment that will be utilized for your Event. We compare this after we determine the electricity that is readily available within your Event space. Often times, especially for the larger productions, more Power must be manually extracted from the venue. In such case, we provide the necessary equipment as well as facilitate the integration of said equipment into the venue in order to provide adequate Power as well as Power Distribution. In the case of an Event venue that does not have enough Power (such as a private residence) or any Power at all (such as outdoors in the middle of a field or park), we will supply the equipment to generate the necessary power.